Web Game Technologies

ArenaTek owns a set of mature web game technologies that have been designed specifically to support rebranding without code modification. Our White label services have successfully re-branded and managed viral and quiz based games on behalf of clients and affiliate partners.


Quiz Engine

ArenaTek offers a quiz engine that serves multi-choice answer quiz games. The engine can be used in conjunction with a Web (Flash), WAP or SMS front end. A special version of this called "Your Gameshow" is available. This allows affiliates to create and manage their own quizzes.

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Question Management System

This system allows remote management of all aspects of question authoring by multiple writers and reviewers; including adding and removal of questions, editorial modification, question migration, genre and sub topic grouping and setting of difficulty levels

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E-mail management

As well as generating the usual notification e-mails such as those confirming sign up, prize entry, and winner notification, this system is highly configurable allowing preview and execution of custom communications such as newsletters and promotions to specific targeted groups. The format can take different forms, including from-address and mail-type - e.g. plain text or HTML.

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Prize Management

Specific prize allocations may be searched with criteria such as winner's username, prize id, type of prize, date, game type etc. When a user achieves top score for example, a mail is generated and sent to them indicating their win. This component also allows all outstanding unclaimed prizes, to be reported on.

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Reporting and Tracking

A highly configurable reporting system able to provide information such as registration detail, page impressions, specific game relevant reports, player activity, partner and affiliates tracking. Analysis can be made according to date, sex, age, country, type of registration, click through etc. and may be grouped according to time-frame.