PC Multiplayer Game Service

Based upon the Wireplay 3 software build, our latest version adds subscription access control and offers improved scalability. This sits along side a suite of reporting tools for data analysis and infrastructure monitoring, ensuring optimal systems management. The software is complete and is about to undergo testing. We expect it to be an integral part of our showcase launch for Christmas 2001.

The ArenaTek PC Game Service software comprises:


Game Service Client Software

The ArenaTek Game Service client software, (under 1MB download), provides a single brandable application for players to

  • Register
  • Login to the service (authentication through a modular database build)
  • View the status of available game servers and proposals
  • "Spy" game servers within the operator's service and optionally, on the open Internet
  • Chat to other players
  • Create peer to peer game instances
  • Launch games
  • View help files, forums, web based news, e-commerce and other relevant content

The Client user interface is easily "skin-able" and provides a "tree" and "tab" based navigation structure that allows intuitive and rapid access to all relevant game information. All content is generated server side so changes are made without user interaction. Any client changes are automatically downloaded when needed.

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Server Side Software

The main server side components of the ArenaTek Game Service manage the player's connection to the service and the generation of XML data feeds that are pushed to the client. The key software modules have been designed to run on clustered servers for additional scalability and redundancy.

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Game Server Management

ServerMon is ArenaTek's game server management module. ServerMon monitors the status of game servers, acting appropriately on any failures. Status information is fed to the client via the server-side software. ServerMon also allows remote administration of servers through an HTTP interface, collection of server statistics and the starting and monitoring of scripts to be executed on game servers.

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Conditional Access

The conditional access control system allows specific game servers to be designated as part of a subscription only service. The Access Control Daemon works in conjunction with the service database, which can easily be interfaced to an operator's main customer database and billing system.

Only players who have subscribed to the service are given access to the subscription servers. The access control system can be used in conjunction with the full client or with a reduced System Tray Authenticator Application.

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Service Database

The service database holds detailed, real-time customer and service status data. It can be used as the main customer database or can be used in conjunction with an external customer database.

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The system logs all user activity and can provide comprehensive statistical information. Logged information is stored in the statistics database, which can easily be queried through a web interface using predefined queries or ad-hoc SQL statements.