Inprotech-Related Assignments

A.A. Thornton & Co

After an initial engagement to review the Records department functions due to a senior staff member departing we were engaged to provide support for the firm's practice management system and associated technical infrastructure. We have assisted the firm with infrastructure and technical support of their SQL servers migrating from SQL 2000 through SQL 2005 and to SQL 2008 R2.

We have provided training to the firm's technical staff in the use of Inprotech. We also provided consulting on rules maintenance including troubleshooting, rule modification and rule maintenance. We have provided a framework for data management with a semi-automated approach to data integrity checking.

We also recently managed the upgrade of Inprotech from v3.4.3 to v7.2.5. This included development of the project initiation document and subsequent project plan as well as a structured approach to testing.

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Our initial engagement involved a review of their IT department structure which was quickly followed by a review of their Records department. This review resulting in a restructuring of the Records function and hiring of a senior manager to look after the department and a dedicated resource to manage the practice management system.

We also provided the firm with assistance in rules maintenance and worked with CPA Global on a review of their renewals rules.

Working with our partner, Bobby Lotter (an expert in Inprotech replication setup), a new infrastructure was implemented for Inprotech utilising a new SAN with high-performance solid-state disks. We also migrated from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008 R2 and implemented Microsoft Report Services in replacement of an ageing Crystal Reports implementation.

We managed the upgrade of Inprotech from version 4.3 to version 7.1 including the preparation of the project initiation document and building of a SharePoint repository for management of Inprotech issues and test scenarios. We worked with directly with CPA staff and Dehns' staff to beta-test Inprotech version 7.1.

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Boult Wade Tennant

We worked with Boult to manage their Inprotech upgrade project. This involved preparing the project initiation document and working with the records and finance staff to develop a comprehensive set of test scenarios. We also implemented a SharePoint solution for management of the testing and issues arising.

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Marks & Clerk LLP

We worked with Marks & Clerk on a major change programme known as "One-Firm" that involved bringing all 12 of their UK offices onto a common set of systems and working practices comprising the implementation of uniform business processes supported by uniform technology across the firm to provide services tailored to client’s requirements.

The One-Firm Project was a complete redesign of the method of service delivery within Marks & Clerk in the UK based on best practices learnt over the years. It defined the processes as well as the technology and the roles required to deliver the processes. Several distinct workstreams were involved: Change (HR), Infrastructure, DMS, Inprotech, Finance, Document Content and Interface.

The programme encompassed business process review, development of new roles and job descriptions, implementation of new infrastructure, implementation of a document management solution and conversion of 5 separate practice management solutions into a single common solution. Extensive data cleaning was also required to be able to integrate data from the multiple offices.

Inprotech was chosen as the records management system to be used by all offices. Representatives from each office were brought together to build a common rule set to be used by all offices. We worked with CPA to make a number of modifications to the application to better support the use of SQL replication allowing us to have a single Inprotech database.